Top Tips to Make Online Grocery Shopping Easier And Save You Money

September 25, 2017


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Online Grocery Shopping is an important part of our lives every day, especially if you have the responsibility to choose, buy and reduce provisions for your family. The main stressors resulting from the purchase of food are: the budget available; Overload; That what you buy meets the requirements of your family.

Here are 10 tips to make your grocery store much less stressful and help you save money.

How many times will you buy?

Decide how often you will buy your food. If you shop every day or every day, you can spend more than necessary in terms of money and time. Traveling to the store will cost you time and if you have some distance to travel, it will cost you money on fuel and running your car.

If you buy too often you can spend more money than you need, because retailers are experts who buy the impulse that we all feel guilty when we discover these “special offers”.

If you buy a grocery store more than once a week, you will find that a lot of what you buy ends up in the container because it was spoiled.

Touch your budget

For many people with limited income, the weekly food bill is likely to be in the “top 4” in terms of monthly spending, so budgeting is a very important factor to consider when buying food .

Put your budget on the frequency you choose to buy for your meal and try to maintain it. If you manage to buy what you need under the budget, you can save your salvation, maybe on vacation or give you a “reward”!

Tip Categories

Configure a “list template” on your PC for your shopping list. Once you’ve completed your template, you can quickly print a copy whenever you need it to save it, write it each week.

The list should appear in categories so you can check if you have ignored certain items.

For example, your categories can be:

  • fruit


  • Drinks


  • Dairy industry


  • Prepared meals
  • Detergents
  • Personal hygiene products

Suggestion for your shopping list

Match your list to the frequency you decided to buy. If you plan to buy food for a week, find out what foods you need, such as planning, preparing and serving your family, every day for shopping.

If you are buying a family or you are responsible for purchasing food for a group of people as your roommate, you need to make sure to take into account the needs of everyone you buy. Once you have prepared the list, you can ask your family if you need to add anything that may have been lost

Before buying items from your list, you can make sure you have already listed something at home in your closet, your refrigerator or your freezer. This allows you to avoid spending money on items that you already have in stock.

Tip Buy Online

Look at buying “online”. There may be regular items you need to purchase that you can order in bulk for the main delivery, Pet food products and households.

They have access to the retailer providing online grocery stores. Buying online allows you to choose what you have on your list and will help you avoid falling into the “buy impulse” trap. This will also save you time and money by avoiding the need to travel so often in stores.

Tip 7 Discount Stores & Coupons

Do not ignore supermarkets at discounts. Buying all your supermarket at discount prices can be disappointing if you are looking for specific products that you buy regularly. It may be that the discount boys do not store what you want, or the quality may not be as good as you want.

For many of the more common items, the quality is very good and, for many everyday items, they are much cheaper than many of the major brand merchants.

When you prepare your list, you can easily identify the items you buy in supermarkets at discounts and which ones you are going to buy from your regular retailer.

Tip Change your buying Daily habits

In the supermarket highlighted, because the store is full, one can avoid planning your shopping tour outside the “rush hour”.

If you can go during the week, maybe at night then the whole experience will be different