Great Shopping in Dorset

Holidays in Dorset are never complete without shopping in its wonderful shopping centres and markets. You can choose from a variety of items that are only available in the area or find great bargains for different designer brands. Shopaholics that are spending their Torquay holidays looking for unique products can visit the pedestrian friendly shopping areas of Dorset and search for mementos that will remind them of their time in this wonderful South Western region on England.

Dorset is home to many local designers that specialize in the categories of clothing, jewellery and furniture so shopping for that special item to bring back home or to give to a special someone is definitely a must while on holidays in Dorset or while enjoying retail therapy during Torquay holidays. The great thing about Dorset is that the shopping district is not very far away from the nightspots in the area. Shopping centres and plazas are located near the town central as well as the popular restaurants, pubs and night spots which can be experienced right after a day of shopping. If you have limited time on your holidays in Dorset it would be a good idea to go to the places that offer the items that you are specifically looking for but if you have nothing specific in mind here are some suggestions that you should consider and will save you some more time to enjoy the beauty of the county and the other different attractions that you can go to even when you are enjoying your Torquay holidays.


Beales is located in the town of Bournemouth and is one if not the oldest shopping mall that was established back in 1881. Beales is a part of the history and culture of Bournemouth and whose name is synonymous to great shopping. It has had humble beginnings which originated in Bournemouth but now has expanded to different parts of England and has 20 or more stores. This shopping spot is a one stop shop and is good for buying some needed supplies for vacationers spending their holidays in Dorset. There are many different departments that cater to different needs including the men’s section, baby section, ladies section, restaurants and cafes that you can choose from. Beales has got it all for you and is a great place to bring the family out shopping while spending your Torquay holidays.

Town and Village Markets

The town and village markets offer a more eclectic feel and have more of a small town shopping feel to it than the traditional mall or shopping plaza. The town and village markets are the areas to go and find the products that are exclusive to the area. You can choose from local handicrafts, jewelry, baked goods and preserves which are good ideas as keepsakes of your holidays in Dorset or gifts to take home with you. If you are staying at one of the popular self catering holiday cottages you can go over to the market and purchase fresh produce and the local butcher for your ingredients needed for the meals you can prepare for the day. Torquay holidays can be accented with a shopping trip to the town and village markets in Dorset County.