Shopping And Having Fun At Gwinnett

Gwinnett county is a great place to visit, especially if you are already in the Atlanta city area. It is about 30 miles from the city and has great nature trails and shopping places to go to. For arts lovers, it is especially a good place to visit because of its high patronage towards the arts.

The Gwinnett Center is at the heart of the art scene in Gwinnett. It is home to The Arena, The Convention Center and the Performing Arts Center. Together these places make up for one of the most happening visual and performing arts culture in the country.

The Arena is a seating capacity of 13,000 and has hosted everything from ECHL games to Broadway musicals and everything in between and beyond. So it is of little surprise that this place is so very under the radar at all times. You will catch national level events happening here including large conventions and trade shows.

The Performing Arts Center has a stage that is frequently used to host a variety of performances and acts. It is a fantastic auditorium that has seating capacity of 702 with amazing acoustics and view from every single seat in the house. Whether it be music, opera or theatre – you should visit it for the listening and viewing pleasure that it provides.

The Convention Center at the Gwinnett Center is a popular place because of its massive 50,000 square foot Exhibit Hall, which has a ceiling height of 28 foot. With drive access, multiple loading docks and all sorts of state-of-the art facilities, this is one of the best places in the county for conventions and such things.

The Jacquelin Casey Hudgens Center For the Arts is an adjoining part of the Center and it is famous for its exhibitions in the visual arts. For the art connoisseur, this is the place to go to for paintings, sculptures, installtions, other media and also mixed media art. The center also holds classes and training sessions.

Shopping in Gwinnett is a great experience with the Gwinnet Mall or the Gwinnett Place Mall. Established in 1984, it opened with Rich’s, Davison’s and Sears and then in 1986 Mervyn’s joined in and Davison’s was replaced with Macy’s. Later in 2008, the joint area of Davison’s and Macy’s was declared to the space for the first US location for South Korean discount retailer MegaMart. It opened in 2010 with a three floor spread – first floor a supermarket, Second floor a departmental store and the third floor a food court.

With anchor stores like that and all sorts of different brands assembling under one place, it is little wonder that the mall caught on like fire and continues to be very popular.

The mall led the pack for the first 16 years. It continues to grow but now there are also places like the Mall Of Georgia and Discover Mills within a reachable distance of it. However, all three malls belong the Simons group and all are doing pretty well.